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 Photo: Aphrodisias,Roman sarcophagus
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Aphrodisias,Roman sarcophagus
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Turkey (Aydin)
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Setenay Szer   17.03.2009
Aphrodisias, Roman Sarcophagus

The ancient city of Aphrodisias is one of the most important archaeological sites of the late Hellenistic and Roman period in Turkey. It lies in inland Caria in the Meander river basin, 230 kilometers southeast of the port of Izmir (ancient Smyrna). Famous for its sanctuary of Aphrodite, the city`s patron goddess, and for its marble sculptors, Aphrodisias enjoyed a long and prosperous existence from the first century BC to the sixth century AD. Today, many of the city`s ancient monuments remain standing, and excavations have unearthed an unusual number of marble statues and inscriptions, as well as buildings and other artifacts.
Over 500 Roman sarcophagi have now been documented and work continues on the statues from the propylon of the Sebasteion. A study was also made of the evidence for polychromy on the marble sculpture of Aphrodisias. Conservation focused on the reliefs from the Sebasteion and the Blue Horse from the Civil Basilica.


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